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i keep it realer than most i know you're feelin it - FAQ


1. how tall are you?


2. are you mixed?


3. are you and @mercedesgrant bestfriends?


4. are you a natural red head?


5. how old are you?

18, turning nineteen this year coming :)

6. are you a virgin?


7. what kind of make up do you use.

alot of drugstore stuff, sometimes MAC — only like lipsticks, and lipgloss though.

8. follow back?

if i like your blog sure, but don’t ask me follow you back because i won’t.

9. are you bi?

no, i’m straight.

10. single?

I’m currently single.

11. am i in college?

no, but that’ about to change soon.

12. what is your dream career?

to be a successful business women. —-> next oprah :)

13. what are some interesting facts about you?

I’m really into the culture of hip hop, how it was created and how it has grown to what it is today. I’m into poetry i really wanna go to a poetry slam soon. i love love i’m obsessed with it. i’m kind of boring LOL i just noticed that about myself, but i love to see happiness, and i like to be inspired. 

14. promo for promo?

NO, i do not promo for promo…that’s not what tumblr is for.